11-th Fall Conference for Pharmacists

                                                "Electronic health care and changes in the regulatory framework related to European legislation"

"Sting" JSC for the eleventh time organizes the Autumn Annual Conference, because as a socially responsible company, public health care is crucial. The event is strictly specialized and profiled - it is aimed only at medical professionals - pharmacists.  The dynamically changing environment requires them to be trained and prepared to respond to these challenges, as well as the expected activation of seasonal viruses. Since the beginning of the year, through our marketing initiatives,  we present the topic of digitalization. The online seminars focus on its dominant role in the work of pharmacies. A natural continuation of our efforts, for mass implementation and use of new technologies, is the main theme of the event – "Electronic health care and changes in the regulatory framework related to European legislation". Are Bulgarian pharmacies ready to put them into practice??  

The participants, pharmacists from all over the country, will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the new proposals of manufacturers and importers. Marketing tools for successful sales will be discussed and discussed, as well as effective methods of patient consultation.

Location: conference room, x-l Voya Resort , St. Vlas

Detection: 29 September 2023 G. 17:00 o'clock

Closing : 30 September 2023 G. 17:00 o'clock


You can see the conference program here