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Actvis Group is one of the largest generic pharmaceutical companies in the world The company was founded in 1956 in Iceland, and today its headquarters are in Zug, Switzerland. The company's offices and factories are working on 10,000 employees. Actavis Group has modernly equipped laboratories and factories in Europe, USA and Asia, where it produces a variety of generic drugs in various forms such as tablets, ampoules, capsules, candles, sprays, disinfectant solutions, powders, syrups and soft capsules.
AstraZeneca is one of the world's leading research and development pharmaceutical companies with new and highly effective drugs in seven major therapeutic areas - oncology, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and lung diseases, diseases of the central nervous system, intensive care and anesthesia.
Bayer is an international company, a leader in healthcare, nutrition and high-tech materials.
Berlin-chemie Bulgaria is a representative office of BERLIN-CHEMIE, a subsidiary of MENARINI Group, in Bulgaria. For many years, the Menerini group has held a leading position in the Italian pharmaceutical market. The company MENARINI, established in 1886. with headquarters in Florence, has evolved over generations, to become a global pharmaceutical company.
Bayer is an international company, a leader in healthcare, nutrition and high-tech materials.
Biotrade Bulgaria is a manufacturer of dermatological cosmetics already 20 has been one of the most successfully developing companies in this branch on the Bulgarian market for years.
The Boehringer Ingelheim Group (Björinger Ingelheim) is one of the world's twenty leading pharmaceutical companies. Since its founding in 1885. the company is researching, develops, manufactures and markets products of high therapeutic value for human and veterinary medicine.
Boiron was founded as an independent family pharmaceutical laboratory before 1932., today a joint stock company based in the area of ​​the city of Lyon, France.
Biotrade Bulgaria is a manufacturer of dermatological cosmetics already 20 has been one of the most successfully developing companies in this branch on the Bulgarian market for years.
Bristol-Mayers Squibb
Kiezi Bulgaria EOOD is a subsidiary of Chiesi Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Vienna ("I asked Austria"), which is part of the Italian pharmaceutical company Chiesi Farmaceuticy S.p.A., Parma. Kiezi Bulgaria provides marketing services in favor of Chiesi Austria regarding medicinal products and medical devices, focusing on prescription medications. Chiesi's portfolio focuses on various therapeutic areas and includes original products, medicines manufactured under license and products developed by partner companies.
CSC prarmaceuticals is a multinational company with a long presence in Bulgaria.
EGIS Pharmaceuticals PLC is one of the leading drug companies in Hungary and Central Eastern Europe. The company's activities extend to every area of ​​pharmaceutical production: from original development and generic development through the production of the active substance and finished medicinal products to sales and marketing. From 1999 year the company has an independent representative office in Bulgaria.
Ewopharma AG is the successor to the pharmaceutical company Leclers&Co, founded in 1959. From the very beginning of the activity, the company focuses on the pharmaceutical markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Already more than 50 Ewopharma has been present in Poland for years, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovenia, which enables the team to gain extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of local pharmaceutical markets.
Fortex Nutraceuticals is in the top ten companies, producing food supplements and health cosmetics in Bulgaria.
Gideon Richter AD is a multinational pharmaceutical company in Central and Eastern Europe. It is ruled by Hungary, without foreign professional investors.
Gedeon Richter
GlaxoSmithKline is a leading Anglo-American pharmaceutical research company. It is the second largest in the pharmaceutical industry with close 7% market share, with over 110 000 employees, activity in more than 160 countries and manufacturing centers around the world. GlaxoSmithKline works and invests in Bulgaria more than 20 years. The company's activity is related to providing quality and modern treatment to Bulgarian patients, as well as by creating and maintaining a correct, ethical and stable partnership with all participants in the healthcare system.
Glaxo Smith Kline
The production of the highest quality baby food starts in the small Bavarian town of Pfaffenhofen more than 100 years. Hipp oven, where in 1899 Joseph Hipp mixes rusks, milk and water, gradually began production of the first baby food Hipp, who later became the leader of the German market. Existing as a family business under the leadership of Dr. Klaus Hipp and his brothers Georg and Paulus, Hipp Group has become one of the leading European baby food manufacturers.
One of the leading generic pharmaceutical companies in Central and Eastern Europe. Pharmaceutical and chemical production represent the largest part of the company's activity. In addition to medicines for human and veterinary medicine and over-the-counter medicines. KRKA also produces cosmetics.
Lundbeck Export, Bulgaria is a representative office of a Danish pharmaceutical company. Internationally, Lundbeck is developing, manufactures and distributes drugs, intended for the treatment of CNS diseases.
The company was founded on 16 November 1945. by Daniel Swarovski and Dr. Alfred Frölich with Dr. Albin Meyer as Operations Manager. The name "Montavit" connects with mountains (Mountain), life (-year) and is shown on cardboard and in the company logo. For these 65 For years, Montavit's international business has been involved in the production of medicines and products, related to health.
"Naturpharma Bulgaria" Ltd. was founded in 1997. From the very beginning of its existence, the company imposes high quality products, developed by the German manufacturer PG-Naturpharma GmbH.
Natural pharmaceuticals
Nobel Ilac Sanayii ve Ticaret A.S.. was founded in 1964. in Istanbul, Turkey. Its main activities are in the field of production, distribution and trade in medicinal products. The company is part of the international consortium ULKAR Holding.
Already on 90 For years, the Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk has been the world's leading producer of insulin. Novo Nordisk is the only company, producing everything necessary for modern insulin treatment - insulin, injection devices and needles.
Novo Nordisk
Nicomedes relies on tradition, combined quality and innovation, dating back to 1874. in Norway. In recent years, the company has grown significantly both in terms of number of employees, and on new products.
Pfizer is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world - absolute leader in the field of human and veterinary medicine and the largest manufacturer of medicines. The company has factories in over 40 countries, sales in over 150 countries and 120 000 employees, who work for the discovery, the development and production of modern medicines for humans and animals.
F. Hoffmann - La Roche Ltd. (F. Hoffman - La Roche) is a leading pharmaceutical company, which offers an extremely wide range of innovative drugs, medical products and services. For more than 100 years of existence F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. proves its high standard in the study, the development and production of new drugs and medical products for prevention, diagnosis and treatment, and significantly improving the quality of life of patients.
Sanofi is a leader in Bulgaria with its diverse portfolio of health products (medicines and medical devices), and is one of the three largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.
Santen O Y has more than 80 years of tradition in pharmaceutical production. The company's strengths are research and development, state-of-the-art production technologies, the international market presence with the most modern eye medicines. Santen was founded in Finland in 1977., when the Japanese Santen Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. acquires the ownership of the Finnish pharmaceutical company Oy Star Ab. This facilitates Santen's entry of many new infusions into Europe and further develops research and production.
Servier is the first independent French pharmaceutical company. 20 000 employees and 3000 researchers, who are developing the medicines of the future. Servie has a presence in 140 countries, on 5 continent.
Vetprom AD is a proven manufacturer with 60 years of experience in the production and sale of medicines, food supplements and cosmetics. The company has a certificate of ISO Quality Management System 9001:2008 and meets the high standards of Good Manufacturing Practice.
Vitaslim products have been on the Bulgarian market since 2009. Thanks to its qualities, natural origin and growing product range, are becoming more and more successful among Bulgarian consumers.
The drink Aloe Drink for life is a refreshing drink without alcohol, which is produced in Thailand. Contains crispy pieces 100% naturally, fresh Aloe. For the guaranteed quality of the drink during production, only the core of the best leaves of the plant is cut by hand. Bottled to 48 hours after cutting the leaves. Does not contain Aloe powder or Aloe jelly. Pasteurized. Exclusive importer and distributor of the soft drink Aloe Drink for life for the Bulgarian market is "Vi Pi Es" Ltd.. The company has been on the Bulgarian market since 2009 with main activity trade in fast moving consumer goods.
Woerwag Pharma GmbH & Co. KG is a mid-range German pharmaceutical company. It was founded in 1971. by Dr. Fritz Woerwag has been a family property ever since. Woerwag Pharma - Bulgaria specializes in offering medications for the treatment of diabetes mellitus and its severe complications, cardiovascular disease, iron deficiency anemia, as well as threatened abortions and premature births.
Adipharm was established in 1994 year and nearly two decades working with care for human health. The main activities of the company are the production of medicines and food supplements. Over the years, Adipharm has established its name as a manufacturer of quality, effective and safe drugs, available to every patient.
Created before 89 years, Aroma is a leading European manufacturer of cosmetics and perfumes with a long tradition in the industry. The company produces a wide range of hygiene products, perfumery and cosmetic products with natural ingredients.
The company distributes herbal products (food supplements and cosmetics) as an exclusive representative of three companies: The Himalaya Drug Company, Charak Pharmaceuticals, India and Forde Sweden, Poland.
Together with well-known international companies, Borola develops and produces natural, cosmetics and other health products. The company is a leader in the local market for food supplements. There are currently over on the market 40 product on Borola. The import and distribution of medicinal and health products is carried out according to the rules of good distribution practice and according to a standard operating procedure., approved by foreign auditors.
Vitagold Ltd. is a modern company, which specializes in the development and sale of food supplements.
Vita Herb is one of the leading manufacturers of food supplements. In 2004. presented its first product on the Bulgarian market, manufactured by Capsugel France. In the following years, Vita Herb together with leading experts in the field developed a series of food supplements, which are produced at the Capsugel plant in Colmar-France using the patented Licaps technology.
Vita herb
Ecopharm was established in 2000. in Bulgaria. The company specializes in marketing and distribution of a wide range of original and generic products, production of established world manufacturers. The product portfolio also includes own brands, already proven on the Bulgarian market.
Kendy Pharma is a division of Candy Ltd. for development, production and sale of food supplements in the form of effervescent tablets, capsules and other tablet forms.
The company is Bulgarian-German and was founded in 1993. in Sofia. Works in a narrow range of specialized products, which are original, with high quality and good position in world markets.
Nature product
The company was established in 1991 year in Sofia. Produces in the conditions of GMP pharmaceutical products, medical supplies, food supplements and cosmetics.
Panacea 2001
Health from the east.
Unipharm AD is a proven manufacturer of medicinal products, meeting the high standards of good manufacturing practice. The subject of activity of "Unipharm" AD is a manufacture of medicines, scientific research and experimental activity in the field of drug production, establishing the quality of the produced medicines, sales and supply and trade activities in the country and abroad.
"Tchaikapharma High Quality Medicines" AD provides its customers with a wide range of affordable, high quality medicines - as well as patent products from major international companies, both generic, manufactured in the modern factories of the company.
Chaika Pharma