Close 60 percent of Bulgarians seek the opinion of a master pharmacist regarding their prescribed medications, Trend research points to

They seek the opinion of a Master Pharmacist regarding their prescribed medicines 60 % from the Bulgarians. This is one of the conclusions of a sociological survey by Trend agency., conducted by order of the Initiative Committee of Master Pharmacists in Bulgaria.
The research was conducted using the direct semi-standardized face-to-face interview method.. The sample size is 800 interviews with pharmacy users aged 18+ G. in small and large settlements, a maximum permissible statistical error: ± 3.4%.
The study was conducted on the eve of the professional holiday of master pharmacists - 24 June. "The idea for this sample was inspired by public appreciation of the selfless work of pharmacists, as the most accessible healthcare professionals during the COVID pandemic. The study verified the role of the master pharmacist, as key in protecting public health", commented by "Trend".
Around 61 % from the people, participated in the survey, they state, that they often directly ask for a pharmacist's recommendation, instead of going to the doctor. Approximately 70 % of those asked claim, that prices and location are key, when it comes to choosing a pharmacy, to shop from. A third of people indicate, that they buy medicine, even though the price turns out to be higher than their expectations, 21 % of them ask the master pharmacist for an alternative.
Over half of people, participated in the survey, claim, that master pharmacists in Bulgaria are professionals and have high ethical standards.
Almost 50 % of the respondents answer, that they prefer to shop in pharmacies, where service takes place at the cash register, and a fifth say, that they prefer to take the products themselves from the stands. Apart from a doctor and a pharmacist, 74 % of people say, that they also search for information about medicines on social networks, the study also states.
The study will be presented officially next week.
Master pharmacists celebrate their professional holiday on New Year's Day (24 June). Noted by 1994 G. idea of ​​c. "Bulgarian Doctor" and is organized by the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union, which of 1996 G. around this day organizes Bulgarian pharmaceutical days, is indicated in the information of the "Reference" department of BTA.