12-marketing conference

Dear colleagues,

Споделяме с удоволствие, that the 12th Spring Conference for Pharmacists was a success. The event was attended by over 680 colleagues from the country and Sofia, as well as 40 exhibitors from the pharma business. They joined the scientific program 15 proofreader, with the topics being relevant and related to the main message of the conference: “ A health system focused on health , не върху болестта“. Above 250 pharmacists were present in the presentation room, като някои от тях взеха активно участие в проведена дискусия. Topics about the state of our health system and the role of pharmacists in it, managed to provoke them. Бяха зададени множество въпроси. Emphasis was also placed on a project created by the WHO in 2021 G- „One health“. It turned out, че в България все още няма единна комуникационна система между държавни служители, researchers and health workers from all sectors locally, национално и регионално ниво, които да обследват критичните зони, касаещи безопасността на храните и водата, the meal, zoonoses control (diseases, which can spread between animals and humans, like the flu, rabies and Rift Valley fever), които да участват в управлението на замърсяването и борбата с антибиотична резистентност повсеместно (the emergence of microbes, which are resistant to antibiotic therapy).

The guest lecturers also took part in the discussion: acad. Petrunov, prof. Momekov, Dr. Stoeva from BABH, Eng. Boshkov- before. of feed producers, Dr. Simidchiev . They raised the issue of preparing a National Plan to fight antibiotic resistance and specified , that actions for a unified response to these serious threats to public health have not yet been fully developed.

It was decided to organize- fast professional society, to monitor and demand their registration , and pharmacists from pharmacies to assist in publicizing prevention on the topic of "One Health".

A press conference was also held at the event , която оповести резултатите от направено проучване за нагласите на гражданите, on the role of pharmacists in the healthcare system. It became clear, that confidence in the profession of pharmacists is over 80% and , that over 50% seeking their recommendation. Проучването е инициирано от Инициативен комитет на фармацевти в България и е поръчано на социологическа агенция Тренд.

In conclusion, numerous proposals were made to upgrade communication between all the separate units in drug supply,  with a view to improving patient care , надграждане на фармацевтична грижа, enhancing prevention and reducing self-medication .