Changes in the deadlines for introduction of electronic prescriptions

Dear colleagues,
Today on 7 May 2021,  at the end of the working day, published the 37th issue of the State Gazette with the changes of the terms for introduction of the electronic prescriptions.

§ 1. The following amendments are made to the transitional and final provisions:
1. V § 3 the words "1 May" are replaced by "1 June".
2. V § 4 the words "April 30" are replaced by "May 31".
Transitional and final provisions § 2. The paper prescriptions issued before the entry into force of the ordinance are executed according to the current procedure..
§ 3. The ordinance enters into force on the day of its promulgation in the State Gazette..
Minister: Kostadin Angelov

Page 70 from SG you can download from HERE

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