Important! Electronic recipes

Dear users / customers of the PharmaStar software product,

Expect to receive an update as soon as possible (update) of the PharmaStar program, which will contain final versions of the following modules:

1.      SESPA module - Instructions for activating the Sespa module have already been posted on the ASS manufacturer's website. lookhere.

2.      Electronic recipes (NZIS) - you will receive additional information and instructions, when ready. Expecthere.

We remind you, that according to the changes in Ordinance № 4 from 2009 G. on the terms and conditions for prescribing and dispensing medicinal products, promulgated in DV, number 107 from 18 December 2020 G., „under provided technical and organizational conditions for this by the Ministry of Health and the NHIF the holders of a marketing authorization for medicinal products are obliged to bring their activity on prescribing and dispensing of the respective medicinal products only with electronic prescriptions not later than 1 May 2021 G., until then, paper prescriptions are also issued and processed. "

The medicinal product may not be prescribed simultaneously with an electronic prescription and with a prescription on paper..

Issued to 30 April 2021 G. paper prescriptions are executed according to the current order until the expiration of their validity.

3.  The changes from Ordinance № 10 from 2009 G. are active with update (update) from 29.12.2020.

With wishes for a healthy and controversial new year! Team pharmacy programs