The art of charming

Guy Kawasaki

How to change hearts, minds and actions

In his book The Art of Charming. How to change hearts, minds and actions ”Guy Kawasaki discusses the basics of charm as an important part of entrepreneurship. Kawasaki analyzes the need to be liked, to inspire confidence and many other prerequisites for successful sales and successful business.

The charm, defined by Guy Kawasaki, it is not to manipulate people. It changes situations and relationships. Turns hostility into politeness, and politeness in passion. Charm turns skeptics and cynics into supporters, and turns the indecisive into loyal people.

Charm is the process of giving people pleasure in a commodity, service, organization or idea. The result of the charm is voluntary and long-term support from the people to the organization, which is mutually beneficial.

The charm can happen during a store purchase, during high-level company negotiations or from a status update on Facebook. And when done right, charm is more powerful than traditional persuasion, influence or marketing techniques.