Girl Code. The secrets of success, wisdom and happiness for women entrepreneurs

author: Kara A Description

„Girl Code. The secrets of success, Wisdom and Happiness for Women Entrepreneurs ”by Kara Alvil Leiba is a guidebook for women, who are in business and have a certain need to believe even more in themselves, to unlock their potential.

Kara Alvil Leiba - a life coach and author of best-selling books - believes, that the magic code for women's personal and professional success is positive thinking, belief in one's own strengths and goals, as well as mutual support.

„Girl Code. The secrets of success, Wisdom and Happiness for Women Entrepreneurs ”is based on many interviews by Kara Alvil Leiba with women entrepreneurs and women, who, along with their main profession, also develop their own business.

Kara Alvil Leiba highlights important "code of female success", which reads, that successful and happy women live by certain rules, do not hesitate to speak openly about their fears, strongly believe in themselves, do not envy, and support, inspire, are constantly evolving, refine, they know how to motivate themselves, wiser, they are more confident and happier.

On this occasion, Kara Alvil Leiba notes in "Girl Code" the following:

"If there are private jets in your reality, an empire for millions and a trip around the world, this is great and you should get it. If according to your reality you live in a hut on the beach and make necklaces from mussel shells, this is also wonderful!

One reality is no better than the other. You deserve every desire of your heart and no one else's reality should affect yours.

You must never forget, that the universe is a source of greater abundance, than you can imagine. If you've read any of my other books, you probably know, that I am a girl, who sincerely believes in the Law of Attraction and in the power of energy.

When you imagine your world, think positively and be open to possibilities. In customs, in which you manage to do that, you will unlock the infinite abundance. If while dreaming you are filled with negative energy and bad thoughts, you are practically preventing your dreams from coming true. ”lvil Leiba