First online seminar for pharmacists

Dear colleagues,

On 24 June , Sting AD organizes the first online seminar for pharmacists with the support and partnership of leading figures in the sector and brand managers from manufacturers.

The topic, which we presented to the audience : „Are we united in the cause of better communication in healthcare ?“is important not only for the recognition of our business , but also for the results , which we achieve as experts and health professionals. It was provoked by the reviews of our work as pharmacists in recent months and especially during the hysterical 11 week of the year. Naturally, the answer to this rhetorical question is "No. , we are not united!“

Briefly, the essence of the presentation touched on the meaning of a new consolidated and unifying communication platform, which is clearly recognizable by modern "online audiences", to gain their trust in the postmodern conditions as well , world developed communications and market emergence, so that, PR - not even vital.

Today, more than ever, Expert knowledge and expert intervention are needed to overcome the growing dynamics and complexity of emerging crisis and conflict PR situations..

We are participants in the global business picture and modern business communications, and they change quickly. It is emerging in public- professional start of social communications, whereby the maxim is affirmed: "Communication is a social movement of trust and credit". The main factor for the application of this philosophy is the complete liberalization of the structure and functions of the business relationship "marketing-brand / media- user ". This transition is due to the rule observed in modern business: “You have information- you have everything! You have no information - you have nothing!“

One of the conclusions of the seminar was , that in modern business the interaction between business strategies , interactive technologies, marketing communications and media is crucial to the sustainable success of any company. We also talked about economic sufficiency as a component of modern multiplatforms in communication strategies, because the value-balanced interests of companies are important , the new levels of cost-effectiveness in just-in- case strategy (ie. increased inventories). Another focus was the application of benchmarks for marketing diagnostics of the business, providing higher efficiency and building customer loyalty. Finally, in this presentation for better communication I included a cross- branding, because the new element 4Еs in the marketing formula expands the possibility for partner engagement of consumers in communications.

In the seminar Prof.. Georgi Momekov gave his expert assessment of our coping during the crisis refracted through the prism of our communication with consumers. He made a brief summary of the events and stated, that misinformation, the wrong messages from the WHO, from the "screen", etc. have created a precondition for confusion and anxiety in citizens. He is engaged in the development of a professional guideline for pharmacists, to unify professional messages and improve public awareness. We will also help with that.

Prof.. Benisheva presented very interesting and useful information about the online seminar, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Bulgarian Agency for Medicinal Information. She showed excerpts from the presentations of prominent speakers such as the Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency. (EMA) prof. Guido Rasi. Professor Guido Rassi is the second term Executive Director of EMA, from 16 November 2015 G., and from November 2014 G. until mid-November 2015 G. serves as Chief Adviser to the EMA, responsible for the strategy.

He was director general of the Italian Medicines Agency from 2008 G. to 2011 G. and a member of the Management Board from 2004 G. and 2008 G. Through 2008 G. becomes full professor of microbiology at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata". From 2005 G. to 2008 G. is Director of Research at the Institute of Neurobiology and Molecular Medicine of the National Research Council (CNR) in Rome. From 1990 to 2005 G. Professor Rassi works at the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the National Research Council, Italy. He had teaching and research experience at the University of California, Berkeley in 1999.

Detailed material for this seminar, conducted by prof. Benisheva, can be found on the July pages of Sting magazine.

Another participant in the seminar was the Executive Director of AIKUVIA, Mr. Luka Chichov. He made an analysis of the market as of April- May this year . Outlined the movement of the most- revolving brands, manufacturers and compare the results with last year. You will also find a summary of the presentation in the July magazine.

The companies, who responded to our invitation to participate were specially selected in order to confirm the thesis of the seminar, that benchmarks provide more- high efficiency in business.These are : Bayer with over 100 annual Aspirin, YUSB, with Zyrtec, Actavis , s brand № 1 in the category of colds and flu- Weeks and Sanofi , with Novanight, brand , which has seen remarkable sales growth over the past two years.

Dear colleagues, if the topic of corporate PR was interesting and useful , please write, share on TP or with a dealer, so that I can react and develop it further on the pages of the magazine . The matter is complex , but very important , because it drives the business.

Thank you to all participants and I wish a collaborative communication dialogue between us.

With respect : magician. pharmacist Adelina Lyubenova - Sting AD