The Four

Amazon's hidden DNA, Apple, Facebook and Google

„The Four. Amazon's hidden DNA, Apple, Facebook and Google by Scott Galloway is a provocative book, which showcases the actions of the four global companies and shows how they manipulate our basic emotional needs in an unthinkable way.

There is no better person than Scott Galloway, Professor of Digital Marketing at New York University, to reveal to you exactly what lies behind these four powerful corporations. How they have penetrated so deeply into our lives, that it is almost impossible to avoid them? Why the stock market forgives their sins, which would have a devastating effect on other companies? Is it possible for someone to oppose them in their race for the most successful company?

In the same provocative style, made him one of the most famous business teachers in the world, Galloway analyzes the strategies of the four companies, exposing their machinations. And it reveals how you can implement their strategies, to accelerate your own business or career.

We live in a world, dominated by Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. That is why we need to know them well, if we want to keep our freedom, security and identity.