Let's click Refresh

Satya Nadela's Pressing Refresh is a book about personal transformation, about changes in Microsoft and technology, which will soon have a huge impact on the lives of all people.

In "Let's Refresh", Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadela, recounts his astonishing journey from his childhood in India to his rise to the helm of the computer giant amid tough competition and a dire need for renewal.

The author reveals how he changed the company's corporate culture and helped Microsoft rediscover its true nature: the creation of powerful technology, accessible to every person and every organization. From the point of view not only of an engineer and a manager, but also of a philanthropist, Nadella outlined his vision for the development of technology to help society. He calls on leaders around the world to strive for their intensive introduction and training of the next generations. Not just for economic growth, but above all for the sake of a better future for all mankind.

'Let's Hit Refresh' heralds the dawn of a new era in digital innovation - such as artificial intelligence, mixed reality and quantum computing. It shows how people, организациите и обществата могат и трябва да се променят – да натиснат бутона Refresh – в непрестанното си търсене на нова енергия и нови идеи.

„Да натиснем Refresh“ е с предговор от самия основател на „Майкрософт“ – Бил Гейтс.