The social organism

Authors: Michael Casey, Oliver Luckett
The Social Organism by Oliver Luckett and Michael Casey is a guide to the future of social networking, which shows how social networks function as a living organism and change our business and society.
Oliver Luckett and Michael Casey are visionaries, who explore social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine et al. They discover, that social networks work according to the rules of biological life - they reproduce, they adapt, grow and evolve.
The two authors call this a "social organism". The structure and action of the social organism are determined by the same laws as in nature, from biological roots, from which we all descend.
Social networks have taken over our lives within just a decade and have a firm grip on 21st century society.. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine overthrow dictators and raise presidents, turn unknown teenagers into celebrities overnight, save or destroy the career and life of more than one person. Social media changes public opinion on important topics within days. They bring millions to the people, who realize their power.
How does this happen?
The book "The Social Organism" offers a foundational theory, which explains these processes. Oliver Luckett and Michael Casey formulate seven rules, with which they answer questions like:
Following the seven rules, the book responds to both global, as well as specific questions:
How the billions of interconnected people, which represent the cells of the Social Organism, they interact
How the Social Organism Feeds on Images, the texts, the music, which we post; clear of waste, with its biggest excrement being bad marketing
How ideas, which remain in the form of videos, pictures, websites, hashtags, become memes and shape the structure, which we call social DNA
How the movements, spawned by hashtags, they help the Social Organism's immune system deal with a "public disease" and even change political systems
Why Facebook needs to change, if he doesn't want to follow the fate of the dinosaurs
Which platforms do millennials prefer and why?
How social networks give the small players an edge over the big ones
Why the new type of stars – Viners and YouTubers, conquer social networks with their digital images
What can we expect from the evolution of the Social Organism - will social networks evolve in a way, useful to society, or they will self-destruct…
Social media, with all its complexity, can seem chaotic, but if we look through the lens of biologists and naturalists, The "social organism" helps us make sense of this powerful new system.
Oliver Luckett and Michael Casey not only shed more light on the organic nature of the rapidly changing digital environment, but also provide the tools, which would lead to success in it.